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Welcome! My name is Kosjenka. I’m a special education teacher and a  psychotherapist. I am fascinated with human behavior, especially self-sabotage and its origins. For me it’s a kind of detective work. Do you notice that you act childish when angry, afraid or in love? Or do you notice other people acting childish from time to time? There are good explanations for all of that – and they are not in present time, although many people can’t imagine differently.

I like recognizing – and resolving – patterns: what kind of behavior people repeat and why; how we sabotage what we believe we want; why some people keep falling in love with wrong types of characters… While many parts of our behavior are based in biological instincts, I find that our early family influences us even more, in much more subtle ways. If you are confused with your own self – or others – sometimes, I hope to help you find some of the answers. Perhaps I can help you make friends with some monsters, too.

I’ve written quite a few articles on my web-site, the book “Emotional Maturity in Everyday Life” (available as e-book and paperback) and more e-books are in progress. I started this blog as a more interactive way to explore topics for new articles, an ongoing commentary of new discoveries and ideas, as well as the place to publish all of those stray thoughts that are just too short to make an article out of them. Or, indeed, anything I want to write in a more relaxed tone rather than carefully professional. I hope this blog will be interesting and helpful to you! Comments are welcome, presuming that they contribute to a constructive discussion.

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