Just published: Emotional Maturity Workbooks series

I’m happy to announce another project finished: 6 short e-books in “Emotional Maturity Workbooks” series. I won’t put exclamation marks here because they would probably just misrepresent what I want to express, but I definitely feel that one big step is done.

After I published my first book on Amazon, I noticed, based on reviews of some other books I looked at, that many reviewers didn’t seem to have much time to read or simply preferred to be finished with a book quickly, so they were praising short books basically for being short.  As a book lover, who wants a good book to last and last, I was confused at first, but not everybody has to be like me, I guess. So I thought it might be a good idea to make something for these people: short and focused on very specific topics.

I chose 6 topics: anger, jealousy, fear, shame and guilt, parenting and falling out of love. The idea was to give a theoretical overview of often hidden emotional patterns which many people never learn about, followed with 5 or 6 exercises focused on reaching the subconscious mind and working with it. It took me close to 2 1/2 years – 2 years longer than I expected – but then, there was a lot of other unexpected work in the meantime, including moving house, starting a new garden and orchard, and many house renovation projects. Anyway, that’s all done and now the workbooks are done, too.

Here is a short excerpt from “Resolve Jealousy Workbook”, just because I like it:

If you are jealous, you might have an exaggerated, idealized mental image of your partner. You might expect your partner to be “pure”, devoted, unconditionally loving and accepting … in other words, to behave as a perfect parent. This is another indication of bonds created in childhood.

“If you idolize your partner as a parent replacement, every deviation from your expectations might trigger fear, confusion and defensive anger. You might feel that your partner owes you undivided attention. You might feel dependent of your partner’s love, focus and devotion, just like you felt dependent of your parents as a child. You might believe that you deeply love your partner and that a break-up would mean losing your sense of meaning of life.

“The truth, however, may be that you do not love your partner as who they are. You are in love with the idealized image in your mind. Unintentionally, you are willing to sacrifice the personality, independence and self-esteem of your partner to that black and white, infantile image. The strength of your emotions might make you believe that you have the right to do so.”

Out of the 6 workbooks, I decided to make one free to download and share, and I chose “Resolve Anger Workbook”.  So, download it, spread it around, share it with friends, enemies, whoever you like. The links to this and other workbooks are:

Resolve Anger Workbook (free, also available as free download on Smashwords, not yet on Amazon, but I hope soon I can make it free there, too)

Resolve Jealousy Workbook (Amazon and Smashwords)

Resolve Fear Workbook (Amazon and Smashwords)

Resolve Shame And Guilt Workbook (Amazon and Smashwords)

How to Fall Out of Love Workbook (Amazon and Smashwords)

Mature Parenting Workbook (Amazon and Smashwords)

If you get one or more of the books on Amazon or Smashwords, I would very much appreciate if you’d leave a review, even if just a sentence or two. Reviews are essential for a book to gain credibility, and therefore hopefully success. Thanks and enjoy the books!

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